About me



I want to learn everything. I want to do everything, read every book, visit every country, autopsy every dead bodies, Explore all galaxies and i want to stop hating myself. not by the way I am in physically but more than that. I want to understand myself in a way I defy all known grounds.This is the paradox of the 21st century. My life is either a melodrama or a satire and I am on a journey to find out. That means my life is either a damn telenovela or a big joke… or both. If you’re looking for teenage angst, I have it in my pocket. I am a second year nursing student and I took this up because of one reason, that is to get closer to pathology. I love pathology eversince and that is not knowing its difference from Health Assessment. I don’t want to take care of the ill or make them feel better not now, even what I am doing now in my nursing internship. Its just like, I want to keep up with the dead. I want to study their lifeless flesh. That is me.

I am either completely apathetic or ultra sensitive… or both. I am random, dangerously random.I like making art sometimes. Laziness is my worst enemy. being a nursing student requires a lot of reading and my nursing books are not my kind of books that tells me to sleep at the first sentence I read. (does it seems that I hate my course?)

I am fascinated by anything creepy and bizarre which started so long ago I can’t remember when but I guess It was once a bud who’s now in a full growth. I did not want to spend my life on my phone, searching alot of things, thinking unthinkable stuffs and a lot more. Other than history, I like science and reading about stuff like Genetics and stars and genetic memory (which is kind of like reincarnation and is the closest i will get to being a believer of anything other-worldly). There came my health related books that drags me on Pathology and books that has something to do with dark stuffs. I read books alot, novels? yes! Classic Movies? I’am into that! Netflix and Series? shut up and sleep in my room! and I am now into iZombie (TV series)

I hate being perceived as something more than who I really am. I am only a person. I am mercurial and not perfect at all. I poop and fart just like everyone else. I am not amazing at all. With that I totally count everyone else equally though there are times I get so unfriendly and disturbed, leading me to undecided filter of friendship. As of now, I dont have that thing they call “Love” I hardly believe in myself with another undecided relationship.

LIKES: the renaissance and the medicis, France and Scott, make up, clothes, new art supplies, being called queen or senpai, iZombie, Netflix, Breakfast Club, 80’s Movies, Chivalry, Blue, Ocean, Moon, Andromeda ans such

DISLIKES: rape culture, politics, people who use the word “retard”,  repetitive telenovelas on philippine tv, catholic supremacy, college uniform, slut shaming, fat shaming, make up shaming, smart shaming, any type of shaming, irresponsible public figures, butt hurt fans, fans who defend their idols even when their idols do stupid shit like seriously !@#$%^$ @#%^ on his fans why are you defending him, also fans who are too hard on their idols bec seriously they are people, too. Fandom wars “fback pls”


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